Women & Men's Hair Salon in Reno, NVWe’re So Glad to Be Back!

Caliber is OPEN, and nothing has put bigger smiles on our faces than being back in our element with our favorite people in our chairs. Here at the studio, we’re taking every step we can to ensure the safety of our stylists, artists, guests, clients, and anyone else who will step through our door. As licensed professionals working under these strict and necessary guidelines, we’re going the extra mile and taking every precaution necessary to operate in the safest manner, with cleanliness, sanitation, and care being our top priority. 
We’re thrilled to be reunited again! To book your next appointment, please call or email us at dream@calibersalon.com.


Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio is a collection of expertly trained and accountable stylists with the ambitious vision to revolutionize the industry. Led by the guidance of Tres Benzley, Master Stylist & Global Educator, Caliber is one of the premier salons in Reno driving hair, makeup and the entire fashion industry forward—from customer service to technique to execution. Motivated by continual learning, the stylists of Caliber are endlessly acquiring new skills to help you look amazing, feel good and gush with confidence.

Around the Caliber studio, we will forever believe that you can have the hair you want to help you experience the life you want. If we know your goals and understand what you’re trying to express, we can be your secret weapon (hey, we all have secrets).

When you visit Caliber, you can come in with a phone full of ideas or just a few thoughts. You don’t have to feel the pressure to be the expert. We’ll always be here to talk things through, give recommendations and cover your options before we ever pick up a pair of scissors.

Let’s take everything into consideration—your face shape, hair type, skin tone, lifestyle and more. You’re the full package and we’re going to thoughtfully deliver hair and makeup to elevate your fashion and show that.

Whether you’re in for a new look, a sit at our Blobar, a custom coloring, a makeup revive, a bridal styling or anything in between, you have our full attention. In here, our eyes are on you so out there all eyes are on you.

Let Caliber Be Your Secret Weapon: Contact our experienced hair stylists and makeup artists in Reno.