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No one else on earth has your hair or face. That’s why we customize your style to be as original as you. Before we get down to styling, let’s talk about you. Your style goals, of course. But also your life. Your daily routine. Your physical features. And more. Don’t be surprised if we get a little personal. It’s how we determine the perfect style, maintenance plan and even products to fit your lifestyle … and make you look and feel fabulous while you’re out there living it.

During our all-eyes-on-you signature Custom Consultation Process, our trained stylists consider all of your features—your face shape and skin tone, your lifestyle, even your desired attitude. Then we draw on our training and experience to customize a look and maintenance plan that highlights your gorgeous individuality.

So, how do you want to feel as you experience your world? How about independent? How about original? How about capable? How about being who you want to be? How about being you? On your terms.

We see what makes you unique and create a look that’s yours alone.

Experience the new YOU. Contact our top-tier hair stylists and makeup artists in Reno.


Caliber consulation process
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