Facial services at Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio in Reno, NV

Professional Facial Services in Reno

At Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio, we offer way more than your ordinary hair salon. We have recently partnered with a local microspa to provide our clients with professional and holistic skin care solutions. We want our clients to feel radiant with or without makeup. We are thrilled to host You, Reno’s Premiere MicroSpa, as our new in-studio esthetician. Choose from an array of You’s healing and aesthetic arts by clicking the button below.

Beauty starts with the skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and deserves to receive first-class treatment. At Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio, our microspa provides our clients with a range of skin treatments designed to make you feel completely refreshed. If you have an important outing, wedding, business date, or night on the town, your skin’s health is essential. Make the perfect first impression with our precise and beautifying facial treatments.

Traditional facials in a modern setting

We provide a premium array of skin care services at Caliber Hair & Makeup Studios through our partnership with You, Reno’s Premiere MicroSpa. Whether you are looking for Reiki master, LaStone Therapy, Dermalogica, and more, we have what you need. Our skin care team knows how to make sure your skin glows with all of its natural beauty. Our processes are designed to help any type of skin and we treat many common skin conditions. Say goodbye to imperfections and blemishes with our top-quality solutions.

Facial treatments for immediate beauty

At Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio, we know how important your skin health is to your overall health. We are proud to offer personalized skin analysis with face mapping, soothing eye treatment, thorough cleansing and clarifying exfoliation, aroma-essence facial massage, corrective & specialized masque, conditioning, toning and moisturizing, and sun protection or evening repair. Each of these services can be combined or tailored to best suit you.

Top-level beauty products for your skin

If your skin needs some sprucing up, Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio has you covered. Our clients have come to expect the best skin care in Reno and our skin care specialists have the experience and expertise to make you glow with stunning radiance. Few things in life feel as rejuvenating as a traditional French facial. We understand the best ways to get your skin looking natural and healthy. We strip your skin of dead cells and imperfections, leaving you pure and gorgeous.

Partners in beauty

Our collaboration with You, Reno’s Premiere MicroSpa, allows us to provide our skin care services on site. Many of our clients enjoy both our hair services and our skin services all under one roof. The teams at You and Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio are integrated to ensure your experience is perfect from the moment you walk in. If you have questions about any of our facial treatments, feel free to call 775-284-8620 today. A member of our team will be happy to provide details, pricing, and more about our facial services in Reno.

Microspa Facial Services