Trust the Best Hair Salon in Reno with your Sci Fi Bob Transformation


2018 is almost over (we can hear those holiday tunes already!) but there’s still plenty of time to experiment with this year’s it-girl hairstyle trends. Here at Caliber Studio we are completely in love with the Sci Fi Bob, and by the end of this post you will be too. 

The Sci Fi Bob has become outrageously popular over the last couple of years, and it’s not just because of the universally flattering cut and highly customizable shape. The Sci Fi Bob has an undeniable connection to feminism. Women are moving away from that pretty, long beach waves look made famous by Victoria’s Secret and instead opting for sharp, blunt shapes that celebrate the modern woman and the new perception of beauty. 

This isn’t the first time a bob has coincided with a feminist movement. A similar bob style became the iconic hairstyle of the flappers and other unconventional women in 1920, which was also the year women gained the right to vote. Coincidence? We vote no way! The bob is practically synonymous with a strong, confident woman. 

There’s nothing we love more than a fashion statement, and the Sci Fi Bob is definitely one of our favorite fashion statements of the year. The Sci Fi Bob has a modern, punk vibe that celebrates the strength of the feminine force without the frills. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have made it clear that the Sci Fi Bob is here to stay. 

The Sci Fi Bob can be customized to fit your hair type and personal style, so curly hair girls and thick hair girls get ready because there is a Sci Fi Bob variation for you! Here are some of our favorite versions of the Sci Fi Bob.


1.The Classic Sci Fi Bob

The textbook Sci Fi Bob,  is a short, blunt cut with sharp bangs and straight, shiny hair. This style is more than just a cut, it requires styling and plenty of nourishing hair treatments to keep the style from look dull or frizzy.

Best hair stylist reno

Cora from Tron


2. Longer Layers with Baby Bangs

If above the shoulder is too risky for you, try a longer blunt cut at the shoulder line with baby bangs. The baby bangs make your hair look even longer, which makes for a fun contrast without the full commitment of a super short cut.


3. The Bending Bob

Of course, razor straight isn’t for everyone. If you like a little bounce in your bob, style your hair with some bend around the ends using a straightener.


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4. Straight Sci Fi Lob

Yes, you can achieve the Sci Fi look and keep a little length. Simply ask for your hair to be cut at the collarbone. The key is to keep the ends blunt and part your hair down the middle. If you have really thick hair, ask your stylist to minimize the bulk by cutting layers into the bottom half of your hair.


best hair salon reno



5.Add Some Color

Pinks and oranges on a blunt Sci Fi Bob scream it-girl to the max–doesn’t everyone want to look like LeeLoo?! If the cut and bright color are both new to you, we suggest starting with one before adding the other. Otherwise you might not even recognize yourself!


best hair stylist reno

LeeLoo from the Fifth Element





6. Play With Proportions and  Your Part 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to rock the same exact style every day. The Sci Fi bob is surprisingly versatile. Switch things up with an easy zig-zag part to transform your blunt cut into a shaggy style. You can also cut a side bang instead of blunt bangs like the woman below. 


best hair salon reno


best hair salon reno


7. Lightened Ends

Add a little dimension to the short, blunt cut by lightening the tips of your hair. Lightened ends on a blunt fringe cut is breathtaking and strong.


8. Curly Bob

A Sci Fi Bob with curly hair, you say? Absolutely! Just make sure your stylist knows what curl type you have so they can layer your hair properly.


best hair salon reno


9. Air Dried and Effortless

Steal a page from the French beauty bible and let your bob air dry. If your hair tends to frizz, use and anti-frizz product after you shower while your hair is damp and the let those locks air dry. Gorgeous!


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There’s Still Time! Trust the best hair salon in Reno to give you a custom version of this year’s hottest hairstyle. Get started with your custom consultation form.