3 Reasons Why All Men Should Take Advantage of Professional Grooming Services and Full Service Haircuts at Professional Salons


Grooming is the secret of real elegance.” – Christian Dior


professional grooming services


It’s safe to say professional grooming services are generally undervalued by most men. While the rugged look certainly has its place, the truth is it’s not for everyone.

Grooming is not just a women’s thing, and as professionals in the hair, beauty and skincare, we firmly believe professional grooming services should not be reserved for weddings and special events. Who wouldn’t want to look their best all the time? Professional grooming can and should have a place in the everyman’s lifestyle. After all, men have a much shorter grooming list than women, but those key grooming habits can make a serious difference in the way the world perceives you (and more importantly, how YOU perceive you).


professional grooming services


Even the most low-maintenance grooming habits can make a world a difference. The hands down most important habit being regular visits to the professional hair salon … and clipping your fingernails and toenails coming in at a close second.

When it’s time for your seasonal haircut, it can be tempting to drive down to the quick, budget haircut shop down the road. It can be even easier to call up that friend or family member with some styling skills and get a free cut. But you always always always get what you pay for. We’re here to tell you a full-service men’s haircut from a professional salon is worth it, and while it may take some getting used to, once you start you will wonder what you were thinking before.


You Deserve to be Pampered

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Getting pampered may not be your biggest priority, but there really is nothing like having all the attention on you for a while. When you make a visit to our professional hair salon, we start your visit with a custom consultation. After filling out the introductory form, we sit down with you to find out exactly what you want in a haircut and what will work best for you based on your personal style, face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle needs. Your professional hair stylist is only focused on you–how often do you get that kind of attention?


Get The Full Salon Experience

professional grooming services reno


You must be exhausted from all the times you’ve asked for “just a trim” and left the hair salon with a hack job. When you invest in a full-service haircut at a professional hair salon, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the look your stylist will create for you.

At a professional salon, your experience begins before you even walk through the door. If you haven’t already filled out your custom consultation introductory form, you can fill it out at the salon while you sip on a complimentary beverage. In addition to your routine haircut, have your beard trimmed and that messy neck hair shaved as well. Men can also benefit from skincare services offered at many professional salons.


Enjoy a Boost of Confidence

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There’s something particularly attractive about a well-groomed man. Maybe it’s the way he carries himself after being pampered at a full-service salon. Maybe it’s the way his facial hair accentuates his best features perfectly, or simply fact that you know he takes pride in his appearance. That shade of confidence can be bought, it all starts with your professional stylist asking what you really want. 

Through our custom consultation process, your stylist will know exactly what you’re looking for and how to tailor a look for your face shape and hair texture. That kind of personalization simply won’t happen at a budget hair salon. When you get a haircut that matches your personality, you feel like the best version of yourself. There’s no replacing that feeling.


Looking for a full-service hair cut? Get started with our Custom Consultation form.