Burning Man Hairstyles for Every Burner Look 

So you’re headed to Burning Man. Congratulations! You nabbed a highly coveted Burning Man Ticket. If you’re interested in art, fashion, and creative self expression, Burning Man is a once in a lifetime opportunity to indulge in it all. Music and fashion icons from all over the world attend Burning Man sporting wild and eclectic fashion.

Burner style is its own form of style. It’s loud, it’s uninhibited, and there’s no rules. Burner style is best defined by Burning Man’s 10 Principles: 

How the Burning Man 10 Principles Impact Your Burner Look 

  • Radical Inclusion – Anyone can participate in Burning Man. This is a radically inclusive city that embraces all walks of life. People take this to heart as they create their personal Burner look. You may incorporate styles from your family origins, for example. You can also use Burning Man as an opportunity to try on an alter ego, play name and all. Anything goes when you’re stomping around on the playa. 
  • Gifting – Burning Man is built on acts of giving. Throughout the week, people give anything from a sip of water to a full shelter to someone else, without expecting anything in return. You will often find people wearing an array of necklaces, scarves or other adornments gifted to them by others. 
  • Decommodification – There’s no money at Burning Man, which means you can’t stop into the salon real quick for a touch up. Everything you receive on the playa is byway of gift. And everything you give is a gift too! 
  • Radical Self-Reliance – The playa is an unforgiving environment, where life is minimal. Burners have to bring everything they need into the city. This is an act of radical self-reliance, and you can incorporate this principle in your Burner look in a functional fashion approach. Utility belts, combat or desert boots, canteens and plenty of sun protection can be designed and decorated to suit your look. 
  • Radical Self-Expression – This is perhaps the most well-known Burning Man Principle. On the playa, there are no rules when expressing yourself. Take every opportunity to wear what you’re not allowed to wear (or too intimidated to wear) in the “real world”. Always wanted to rock pink hair? Curious how you would look in head to toe sequins. Do it now. Radical self-expression is the golden ticket to be star you’ve always wanted to be. 
  • Communal Effort – Burning Man is about community. Specifically, creative collaboration. How can you team up with some campmates to create something truly original? Maybe you host a tiara making class at your camp, or you have a talent for braiding you can share with friends. Think about how you can express your Burner look out to others. 
  • Civic Responsibility – Things may be radical out on the playa, but that doesn’t mean you can break state and federal law. While you’re out there expressing yourself to the fullest, remember to maintain watch your P’s and Q’s and respect the rights of others to express themselves, too. 
  • Leave Not Trace – Pack it in, pack it out. Burning Man is extremely strict about respecting the playa and leaving absolutely no trace. This is something you must consider when choosing your costumes and hair. Noe feather boas. No glitter (sorry!) and no dyes that will leave traces out on the playa. Those are all considered “moop” which is a fun word for litter. 
  • Participation – Burning Man is a vibrant global destination because of all the work and creativity people bring to it. Burning Man is not a spectator sport, it’s not a consumer-driven place. This means you get what you put into it. IN terms of style, don’t be lazy. Try something new. Pull out that sewing machine and glue gun and create your outfits. Trust us, it’s way more fun.
  • Immediacy – What is standing in your way? This is something to consider when at Burning Man, which is all about immediacy. The culture urges you to do what you want right now, follow your intuition, and don’t be afraid to speak up if you would prefer to do something different than what your friends are doing. What can you do right now to feed your inner self? When you nurture your inner self, you radiate beauty from the inside out. That just may be the most important fashion tip you get when creating your Burner look.

Creating Your Own Burner Look

Your Burner look is rooted in your most authentic self. And we’re not talking about your 9-to-5, headed to grocery store self. We’re talking about the person you have to tuck away sometimes because you feel like “too much”. The person who dreams wildly and knows exactly what she wants. That’s the version of yourself you want to create a look for. 

One of the most important aspects of a Burner look is the hairstyle. So what’s yours? If you’re not sure, get inspired with these fantastic hairstyles you can experiment with this year. 

Amazing Hairstyles You Can Rock at Burning Man 

Vibrant Hues 

Dye your locks a daring shade like magenta, neon green or even aurora borealis. For the gents with luxurious facial hair, rock a wig and dye your hair the same color. Not sure which color will make you shine brightest? Talk to one of our colorists to choose a hue that’s perfect for your skin tone. Some people are just better at rockin green than others! 

If you’re uncomfortable dying your hair with permanent dye, try a temporary dye like Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent dye. 

Funky Festival Hairstyle


how to create your burner look

EDM Color Hairstyle

Braids for Days 

Braids are a hallmark look at Burning Man. They keep your hair tightly intact, and you don’t have to worry about brushing out all that play dust. If you’re the functional type, braids are the way to go. You can weave in beautiful ribbons and beads, or find your inner rebel with side cornrows. If you prefer a simpler do, boxer braids give a sporty, versatile (and Instagrammable) edge to your look.

Rock Festival Hairstyle


burning man braids idea

Punk Festival Hairstyle


Shave it Off 

Feeling bold? Go all the way with an undercut, side-shave, or mohawk. You can also ask your hair stylists to buzz specific shapes in your hair. Just remember to bring a photo for inspiration. 

If you’re new to the shaved head look, don’t forget to bring plenty of sun protection for that baby bald head of yours. That sun is merciless out there!


Accessorize Like Mad 

As much as we love flower crowns, we dare you to take it to the next level. Thread some floral accessories into romantic braids, tousled waves and effortless up-dos. Try tiaras, hair jewelry, head dresses, animal ears–whatever is calling you! 


Natural Vibes 

One word: N A T U R A L. Let those natural waves flow. If you have straight hair, braid your hair after the shower and sleep with them in. Reveal natural-looking waves by the first set of the day! A simple, messy braid is always an effortless look too.

Natural looking waves hairstyle

Wavy Hairstyle

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