Fall fashion month has us ready to experiment with hair color like crazy. But there’s a lot that goes into choosing the best color for your skin tone. Matching your skin tone and undertone are the first phase of choosing a perfect color. If you’re trend savvy, note that eye color plays a big role in choosing hair color too. Pay attention to undertones to find the perfect play between skin, eyes and hair color. Check out more on skin tone here.

Take note of these tips before heading off to the salon.


If You’re Cool


  • Go for gold with honey blondes, almondy hues
For light or dark sin, cool undertone

For light or dark skin, cool undertone

  • Your perfect pastel color: orange/fuscia
fall color trends

Perfect for dark, medium or light skin with cool undertone

  • Your celeb idols: Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, Anne Hathaway


If You’re Warm


  • Cool it down with champagne shades, ashy blondes, and cool browns.
Excellent for dark and light skin, warm undertone

Excellent for dark and light skin, warm undertone

  • Your perfect pastel color:
fall hair color

Perfect for fair skin with warm undertones

  • Your celeb idols: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton, Ellen Degeneres