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A men’s haircut makes a profound statement about his lifestyle, taste, and confidence. All men should invest in a high-quality haircut. A great cut is all about experimenting with your style while staying true to your personality and remaining authentic. Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio can help you with a textured trim or completely transform your style. Whether you know what you want or not, our stylists know how to accentuate your handsome and most complementary features while you’re in the chair. We can’t emphasize the importance of a quality haircut enough. You’ll turn heads with one of our Reno, NV haircuts for men.

Embrace a Fashionable Cut from Caliber Hair & Make up Studio

At Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio, our men’s hairstylists provide cutting-edge hair services for all types of hair, styles, or cuts. Do you have trouble figuring out what to do with your unruly curls? Do you have a receding hairline? Our stylists know how to design a haircut to define your look. Every man should take their grooming seriously. Don’t settle for a low-rent haircut. At Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio, haircuts are more than shears and buzzers. We aim to provide a calming and rejuvenating salon experience, incorporating a stress-relieving aromatherapy scalp massage, crafted cleansing, balancing, and blow-dry finishing with all of our haircuts. We also provide fringe and neck trims at a low price to help keep you looking sharp between full haircuts. But what kind of cut should you get? You could try:

  • The Undercut: The undercut is a popular hairstyle these days for one simple reason: Its flexibility. The classic undercut has buzzed sides with a slicked-back, long top. But there are a million directions to go in with the undercut. Ask one of our stylists how to handle the top of this stylish cut.
  • The Pompadour: If you’ve got a ton of volume, but don’t know what to do with your hair, then you can’t go wrong with a pompadour. Whether you opt for the classic, 1950s greaser variation or something different, the pompadour will make an impression. One benefit of choosing professional stylists: They know how to recommend the right product and teach you to style it at home.
  • The Business Cut: Jake Gyllenhaal often sports this cut, which features a small brush up, closely-trimmed (but not buzzed) sides, and a textured finish on top.
  • The Hard Side Part: This cut utilizes the fade technique, and it’s one of the most popular hairstyles. Whether you fully-shave or buzz-cut the sides and back, and regardless of the length on top, the hard side part always looks great.

Our Men’s Haircut, Color, and Treatment Services

Our experienced men’s hair stylists can help you find the right style for you, providing everything from simple trims to significant style changes. When you come to our Reno, NV salon for a haircut or color, all of our attention is on you as we work to customize your style. With our signature “All-Eyes-On-You” consultation, we’ll take the time to conduct an in-depth assessment of your style goals, your features, your lifestyle, your desired maintenance commitment, and more. We’ll use this information to help develop the perfect style and maintenance plan for you before your treatment. Our men’s hair services include:

  • Custom Color & Highlights: Whether you want to remove some of the grays in your hair or you’re ready for a bold color change, let Caliber be your secret weapon. Our experienced coloring artists will help you get the result you desire. All of our coloring artists are highly-trained to ensure you’re walking away with the handsome look you pictured. Our full menu of coloring services includes everything from foils a la carte to balayage and full highlights. Our coloring services also include deep cleansing to remove product build-up, impurities, and environmental build-up. We also conduct a crafted protein treatment for color molecule longevity and finish the process with a moisture replacement treatment crafted for your color and hair.
  • Deep Cleansing & Treatments: Our salon offers specialized hair treatments to replenish your hair on a deeper level. Our hair treatments include clarifying treatments, moisture treatments, keratin smoothing, protein treatments, and advanced designer care and texture and perm services. Our deep cleansing services remove impurities and environmental build-up, while our finishing treatments revitalize hair and invigorate your style.

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