Haircuts for Women in Reno, NV

Haircuts for Women in Reno, NV

At Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio, we provide cutting edge hair services for a wide variety of hair type, styles and cuts. To us, your hair isn’t “just hair” — it’s 100,000 strands of uniqueness helping you stand out from the crowd. Whether you want a trendy new haircut, custom color and treatments or a bombshell blowout, let our highly trained staff help your hair reach its highest potential.

Women’s Haircut, Color and Treatment Services

At our high-end beauty salon in Reno, we provide everything from simple trims to head turning makeovers and masterful coloring. When you come into our salon, you have our full attention as we work with you to customize your style. Our signature “All-Eyes-On-You” consultation consists of an in-depth assessment considering your style goals, your features and your lifestyle. Taking the time to discuss these aspects before your appointment allows us to help develop the perfect style and maintenance plan to suit your life. Our women’s hair services include:


All of our haircuts include stress-relieving aromatherapy scalp massage, crafted cleansing, balancing and blow dry finishing. We also provide fringe and neck trims at a low price to help keep your style touched up between full haircuts.

Custom Color & Highlights

We know what it feels like to go in for a coloring appointment and end up with a dull or uneven result. Our coloring artists at Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio received unparalleled one-on-one training to ensure you’re walking away with a color that highlights your unique features. We provide a full menu of coloring services, ranging from foils a la carte to full highlights and balayage. All of our coloring services include:

  • Deep cleansing to remove impurities, product build-up and environmental build-up.
  • A crafted protein treatment for color molecule longevity.
  • A moisture replacement treatment crafted for your color and hair to help your stylish look last.

Deep Cleansing & Treatments

Our specialized hair treatments are designed to care deeply for your hair and leave it feeling fresh and rejuvenated. We provide keratin smoothing, clarifying treatments, moisture treatments, protein treatments, and advanced designer care and texture/perm services. Deep cleansing removes impurities and environmental build-up, while the finishing treatment revitalizes hair and invigorates style.

Hair service menu at Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio

Women’s Beauty Salon Hair Styling Services

In addition to our hair care and long-term styling services, we also provide styling for special occasions. Our styling services include:


From society luncheons to black-tie formals, these poise-packed hair-up styles will help you bring the house down.


A show-stopping, polished pony meant for catwalks from New York to Milan. Don’t try this one at home.


For your 12-and-under future fashionista. She already feels like your high society party planner. Now she’ll look the part!

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