Your lifestyle affects your look. That’s why we make your look fit your life.

Do you work out a lot? Spend time outside? Ski? Run? Swim? How often do you like to shower? Do you sweat? How much time you even WANT to spend your hair or makeup?

Before we get down to styling, we’re going to have a chat. About you. Your day-to-day routine. Your life. Your goals. Don’t be surprised if we get a little personal here.

Welcome to our pre-styling Consultation Process. In which we learn what you do and what you hope to achieve. That way we can help you choose a hairstyle, a makeup look, a care & maintenance plan, and even the right products that specially fit your lifestyle … and make you look and feel amazing while you’re out there living it.

At Tres Benzley’s Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio, we get personal. Because that’s how your style should be.

It’s styling. #Recalibrated.
Let’s get started.


How Our Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists in Reno Can Match Your Look to Your Lifestyle