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Tres Benzley is driving hair, makeup and the entire fashion industry forward—from customer service to technique to execution. His norm-shattering influence has resonated on countless sets and stages from LA to New York Fashion Week. And now, Tres and the Caliber team of hair and makeup artists are bringing high fashion finesse and award-winning talent straight to you.

Caliber is his vision, our stylists are all visionaries.

“For our stylists, gifted eyes and talented hands are a bare essential. But our ongoing education and our constant push to hone new skills are what keep our team ahead of the trends. We merge it all with your personal desires to create a completely original style. One that helps you look amazing, feel great and gush with confidence.” 



Tres is a hair stylist by nature, bringing precision to the design with the ability to reconstruct art. He sees color as a medium of dimension and light using techniques that create light reflection and refraction with color, hue and contrast. He believes “Color should be believable.” With nearly 25 years in the hairdressing industry, his experience includes being an educator with Farouk and Matrix, as well as bringing his expertise in foundational and contemporary cut and style designs to UNITE, NYFW and beyond.

Tres is an educator driven to make a difference. He is determined to raise the caliber and standard of this industry with his uncompromised knowledge in business strategies, design, shape and form. An art director with UNITE for almost 8 years, his passion is to deliver that feeling you experience in art, architecture, or whatever it is that inspires you. Driven by the foundational skills of education, art, and fashion, his mission is to inspire other hairdressers to stretch the creative boundaries of beauty.

Krysta figures she hasn’t really worked since the day she stepped through the doors of Milan Institute of Cosmetology. Krysta has been in love with the beauty industry as far back as she can remember. Growing up, her mother’s extravagant beauty regimen inspired Krysta to sneak into mom’s makeup drawers and experiment. What she loves most about styling are those “wow” moments, when a client looks into a mirror for the first time and is overjoyed with their new look.

To Krysta, fashion is an expression of individuality and authenticity. Beyond the Salon, where Tres has affectionately dubbed her “McLovan,” Krysta is a proud mommy of two little girls, Summer and Lilah. She enjoys hiking, gardening, reading poetry and a spontaneous adventures outside of town.

I enjoy finding the inspiration each time a client sits in my chair. As I continue to learn and grow in my field, I share my knowledge with my clients so they can grow in their confidence and skillset. I am always striving to be the best I can be, and I love helping clients get a confident style to do the same.

“Our mind is our temple. Our body is our tool.”

Hairstyling was a natural progression for Michelle Calhoun, who comes from a fashion and costuming background. As a stylist at Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio, Calhoun can channel her passion for fashion and design into her client’s hair, creating styles that make them feel beautiful. Michelle is drawn to quirky, retro styles and vibrant colors but can help with creating any style. She’s also the only lefty at the salon!

“What makes this job so special is listening to people talk about how awesome they feel with their new hairstyle. As long as I can have that effect on people, I will love what I do.”

Carla’s passion for creating fabulous looks that empower her clients to live happier lives is born from the connection she wishes to make with anyone who visits her at Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio. The bonds that Carla forms with her clients allows her a deep understanding of how best to style their hair to benefit them the most. She understands that hair is more than just how you look, but an artistic reflection of how you feel.

“My passion in life lies in bettering other people’s lives, which I’ve discovered I can do through hairstyling.”

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