The era is long gone when the only appropriately groomed face had no hair at all. If you have a beard, or are growing one out for your wedding, take a look at these styling tips for a perfectly groomed beards and brows. 


Start Clean.

As a rule of thumb for all hair, a good beard starts with health, that means clean, nourished and strong. Always always always start with freshly washed beard. Check out last week’s blog for tips on the selecting the best cleansers and conditioners for your hair type. You might be be surprised to know that your beard hair is sometimes a different texture and hair type than your head hair.

Immediately after the shower is the best time to apply beard oil to your face and beard. This is because your pores are open and ready for some moisturizing. Beard oil helps keep beard dandruff at bay while also acting as a leave-in conditioner.


Use A Proper Comb.

For a perfectly groomed beard, you’ll want to use a narrow teeth comb. This will help you achieve a clean shape while reducing frizz.


Invest In A Quality Mousse

Mousse and moustache oil can add density to a less than voluptuous beard. Frank’s Beard Elixir is pretty great, as is Beard Brand Tea Tree Beard Oil.


Trimmed & Tidy

Keeping it clean and tidy can be your best bet if you want a little bit of hair but you aren’t really a hairy guy (there’s no shame in that, it’s just the way some of us are built.) Find a beard balm to give it a stylish and manly shape. Grave Before Shave Beard Balm is a favorite luxury balm, while Licorice and Cocoa Butter  blend by Honest Amish Beard Balm will do the trick too.


Long & Clean

If you’re going for some extra mass below the chin, you’ll want to keep it neat. Just like your main head of hair, a long beard will need to be washed and conditioned every 3-5 days, and will need a regular, daily combing. Because beard oils and mouse leave a hefty amount of residue, it will be extra important to properly wash your face daily.


As for the trim, the goal is to trim away those random, untameable strands to keep a neat shape. If you plan on spending the 6-12 months it takes to grow one of these long a luxurious beards, make sure it grows with enough volume, so it looks healthy. There’s nothing scarier than a patchy mangled mess for a beard.


The Goatee

These styles are arriving back from the ‘90s, providing an alternative to the full beard once again. When shaping a goatee, it’s easier to start off with more hair than you need for the look. Ideally, a week’s worth of growth will give you enough room to work the goatee. You’ll want to have a quality beard trimmer to carve out the perfect shape.


The Shadow

Meant to give you the appearance of perfect bone structure and an easygoing sophistication, the shadow can be achieved by using the lowest setting on the beard trimmer. To keep things less scratchy during intimacy, add a bit of conditioner to the area when cleansing.


It’s common to think the shadow is a good alternative if you can’t grow a full beard. But a shadow will look patchy if you don’t grow enough hair. In general, shorter stubble looks best on softer, round faces while a heavier shadow accentuates a sharp, chiseled face.


The Perfect Scruff

Rugged beards don’t run free, they just look elegantly unkempt. The key is to keep the cheek and neck faded, as opposed to carving out clean lines and smooth neck.


For Sideburns

If you need to tame those sideburns, apply a bit of beard wax and pressure to the hair, in a downward motion. This will help keep the hair in place without making it stiff.


For Brows

Tweeze that unibrow, and grab those fly-aways hairs that stray from your natural brow line. Your hair stylist of barber can clean up the shape during your next trim.

Be Yourself

The main thing to remember about beards is this: on your wedding day, you’ll want to look like yourself. If you want to try a totally different look, maybe try it when you get back from your honeymoon … or pretty much any other time than your wedding day.


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