Need to get gorgeous for a sparkling event? A big day? A special evening? Whatever the occasion, let Caliber make you look runway-ready and feel unstoppable with our exclusive, all-eyes-on-you Reno blow dry bar.

Defining the Blowout in Reno

From sexy and bouncy with soft, voluminous curls to a catwalk flat-brush to a classic cocktail hair-up stunner … our Reno BloBar takes your look to a whole new level.

It’s different than what you get from your home blow dryer, and even from the blow dry you get at the end of a haircut. A Caliber Signature Blowout is affordable, faster, lasts longer and is simply fun to experience.

Start with a professional shampoo and scalp massage. We don’t just wash your hair; we select the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair’s unique fabric type. Then we blend and layer the products to achieve the look matching your desires–albeit guided by our expert suggestions.

We finish every individual section with the exact right brushes and hot tools. Once we get you set, pinned and sprayed, we let your blowout cool off while you unwind with your friends. When it’s ready, we fine-tune the style until your hair is buoyant, beautiful and ready to command all the attention wherever you are heading.

Caliber: THE Blow Dry Bar in Reno

You’ll love the way you look for your event. But you’ll also be amazed by the way your hair holds its incredible feel and texture for the next few days.

So come on in and get blown away. By our service. By our expert touch. By the way you look and by the way you feel.