Looking for some sexy Valentine’s Day makeup ideas? We are booking like crazy. Hair appointments for gals (and guys) hot for a new look to help them sweep dates of their feet. As well as visits to the BLOBAR for a stunning professional blowout and face do-up by an expert Caliber makeup artist in Reno.

VALENTINE’S WEEK SPECIAL: Full Blowout + Makeup for just $75 (normally $115)!

For those of you interested in a sultry set of peepers to pop at our valentine, check out this tutorial we found at LuLu*s on how to get that sexy, sophisticated Smokey Eye!

8 Simple Steps To Smokey Eyes

[Instructions below the image!]


Smoky Eyes by Caliber Makeup Studio





































1) Begin by lining the upper lid using brown eye pencil.

2) Using hazelnut brown eye shadow, create a base shade by applying it all over the upper lid.

3) Pick either a violet, blue or charcoal shade to create a pop of color in the smoky eye. (This model used a charcoal color.) Make a letter “C” with the chosen accent color on the outer corner of the upper lid.

4) Apply the same shade you just used down and around your bottom lash line using a small angled precision brush.

5) Using the black eye shadow, create a smoky crease by carefully concentrating the color in a small triangle shape on the outer corner of the upper lid.

6) Re-line the upper lash line using black liner to create extreme definition to the smoky look.

7) Apply the same black liner to the water line.

8) Chose a small brush and apply white shadow in the inner corner to brighten the look, which will make the eyes pop.

Finish your smoky eye with a few coats of mascara to upper and lower lashes.

Ta-da!! The perfect smoky eye! Get ready to turn some heads. 

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