Look Good, Feel Good: Pamper Yourself With BloBar and Day Makeup Services in Reno


When did mornings become so frazzled? Too often we pull ourselves out of bed, feeling rushed because we hit the snooze button a few too many times. We shower quickly, select an outfit that “will do”, and slam a cup of coffee before heading out the door, hoping breakfast will figure itself out.

But what if you started your day like you had all the time in the world? What if you doted on yourself, engaged the senses, and took the time to feel your best? As professionals in the hair, beauty and skin care industries, we think it’s not only possible, but necessary.  

So go ahead, pamper yourself with our favorite ways to upgrade your morning routine.


1.Bask in the Sunlight

day makeup reno - upgrade your routine

Pull open the curtains and soak in direct sunlight first thing in the morning. Exposing yourself to natural sunlight tells your body it’s time to rise and shine like the bright star you are. If you’re already a morning person, experiment with going for a walk or jog around the neighborhood for optimal direct sunlight.


2. Set Your Alarm 30 Minutes Early

day makeup reno

Your morning routine is not an event to be fashionably late for. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual so you have time to slip into your day. It’s amazing what an 30 extra minutes in the morning can do. You can take a little longer with your hair, choose an outfit that suits your mood, or just sit and enjoy a cup of tea. The time is yours, so take it.


3. Revamp Your Bathroom Into An At-Home Spa

upgrade mornign routine


Your bathroom is where you get ready every morning, so why not transform the space into a sensual haven? Light a few candles, turn on your essential oil diffuser and play some instrumental music or a podcast as you shower. Line your shelves with luxurious scrubs and perfumes. Use products that feel and smell fabulous.


4. Drink a Glass of Infused Water

upgrade morning routine

Keep a pitcher of infused water in the refrigerator to sip on through the morning. Slice up some cucumbers, oranges, lemons or berries for added flavor and hydration. At the salon, we infuse our water with berries. 


5. Cook a Luxurious Breakfast for One

upgrade morning routine

Who says a big breakfast is reserved for Sunday? Throw on a cooking playlist and whip up a breakfast fit for a french cafe. Savor your meal as you catch up on the news, or simply enjoy the solitude before you jump into a busy day.


6. Get a Blow Out

blow out reno

Need a perfect hair day? Sip your a.m. latte at the salon as you get a Blow Out. Feeling pampered first thing in the morning does wonders for your confidence. Book regular sessions at the beginning of each week and enjoy luxurious hair for days.  


7. Hire a Professional To Apply Your Day Makeup

day makeup reno

You’re worth it. Hiring a professional to apply your day makeup on those important workdays will make you look and feel unstoppable all day long. Even if you have your makeup done professionally once a month, the feeling of glamour and self-worth lasts.


What are your favorite ways to upgrade your morning routine?