Tonight is the biggest date night of the year… don’t be seen rocking the same hairstyle as someone else. Whether you have 10 minutes or the whole day to get ready, try one of these edgy romantic hairstyles for Valentine’s Day and you’ll have the whole room wishing you were their Valentine.


If You Have 10 Minutes: Braid Faux Hawk

The base of this look is the basic Dutch braid — or a raised French Braid

Braid Faux Hawk Hairstyle

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Step 1: Spray hair with texturizing spray and scrunch lightly to activate texture.

Step 2: Finger comb through the hair to separate tangles (a brush or comb might create unwanted frizz)

Step 3:

Begin your Dutch Braid by creating a rectangular section on the top-center of the head. The width should span from eyebrow to eyebrow.

Step 4: Section off in the same way on either sides of your head.  Pin them out of the way for now.

Step 5: Create 3 even sections to braid from the center section. (Leave the other sections pinned until step 6). Weave the left section under the center section, positioning it as the new center. Cross the left strand under the center strand. Continue this pattern for 2 or 3 passes before adding hair to the strands.

Step 6: Once you get to the nape of the neck, incorporate the loose sections from the front/side into the braid. Finish the braid to the end of the hair.

Step 7: Carefully loosen the plaits created by the braid.

Step 8: Tuck the rest of the braid and pin it down. Secure the hair to the side of the braid with pins.

Step 9: Fluff, heighten and adjust the braid however you’d like.


If You Have 30 Minutes: Romance Me Hair Tousle

Romance Me Hair Tousle


Step 1: Spray entire head with a heat protectant spray. Then section off hair into center, left and right sections.

Step 2: Wrap center section in large hot rollers (remember to roll away from the face). Repeat for the left and right sides.

Step 3: Remove rollers when they reach room temperature.

Step 4: Twist the bangs and create a soft pompadour at the top of the head. Pin it in place.

Step 5: Carefully separate curls with your fingers. If you have a comb with a tail, we suggest using that.

Step 6: Pin it up.

If You Have A Couple Hours

Pink/Red Hair
Pink hairs for valentine day

Step 1: Book a professional hair appointment. If you’re going pink, you’ll want it done right.