Traveling is a huge part of our work at Caliber, and as professionals in the fashion and beauty industry, we want to look our best wherever we go. Whether we’re recalibrating the whole bridal party at a destination wedding or attending the NAHA awards in Las Vegas, packing our personal makeup must be precise and spill free. This summer, as you pack for the trip of your life (or at least the season) know what to bring and what to leave out of your makeup bag.


Make a Master List

As much as we wish we could rely on our memory, there are just too many things to be done before travelling. Relieve some of your prep stress and write a list. Go through your daily skincare and makeup routine, as well as special occasion routines (if you are attending an event that requires a specific look) and make sure you pack everything you use. When you’re finished, comb through your bag and remove anything that isn’t essential.


Your Makeup Bag

Pockets, pockets, pockets! At one point we’ve all thrown everything into one gaping hole and called it good. Chances are, when you arrived to your destination, looking to freshen up, you opened a makeup disaster. Keeping your makeup organized can avoid spills and minimize the mess. Opt for a bag with plastic liner for easier clean up. Wrap up your bag in a sweater to cushion it from moving around in your luggage. Remember, more movement means a bigger mess.



If you can’t zip up your makeup bag, you are most likely packing too many eyeshadows. While it’s nice to have variety, bring only what you need for certain evening and daytime looks. If you absolutely need variety, bring one versatile eyeshadow compact and get creative with some blending!


Match to Your Outfits

Are you attending a destination wedding, a Broadway production or touring Europe one bistro at a time? You’ve planned your outfits for every event, now trim down your makeup load. Bring only what you need to match the outfits you’ve packed.



Space is essential when packing your travel makeup bag, so plan on packing as many multi-purpose beauty products as you are comfortable with. If your sensitive skin requires specific products, prioritize your products. Skin care comes first, so if that means leaving behind a statement shadow or rouge to make room for toner, so be it.  Our stylists swear by these products  for personal and professional use. 


Go Brush-less

Makeup brushes are space wasters, so take just one or two essential brushes. Use your fingers (with clean hands, of course) and consider bringing extra Q-tips for eyeshadow application.


This summer is packed with fabulous events, and you want to look stunning at every single one of them. Make an appointment at Caliber’s Makeup Bar for a personalized look that will having your turning heads all summer long.