Caliber BloBar FAQ: What to Expect from Our Blowout Salon in Reno
The word “blowout” may make you think of a lavish party or opulent event. The Caliber BloBar is like that, except the guest of honor is your hair.
A blowout salon experience means having a professional pay full attention to you to shampoo/treat, dry and style your hair. It’s what models and movie stars and a-list celebs look as jaw-dropping as they do. (Newsflash: none of them #wokeuplikethis!)
Basically, it’s like your own personal backstage prep for the runway of real life.
No matter how much you love your brushes, flat irons, curling irons, and other styling tools … when you get them into our trained hands, combined with expertly chosen top-shelf product … you’ll literally be blown away.


It’s Totally Personalized
Got tough hair? A billion curls? Frizzy waves? You’d be surprised what your favorite fashionistas wake up with before they’re stylists transform them.
We have our “go-to” places to start: our Signatures. The Caliber. The Caribbean. The Regency. The Caribbean Regency. The Houston. The Sunrise.
But no matter what you choose, expect us to get personal. Your hair, your look, your attitude … our expertise. From a daytime look to a fashion-forward flat-brush to big and bouncy loose curls, we can take your hair to whatever next level you desire.
Your Hairdo Lasts for Days
Yep. Even in this dry Reno-Tahoe cold. Depending on how we style it, with a few minor morning touch-ups (we’ll tell you how) your hairstyle should hold for a few days! So you can get fancied up for Friday night and stay gorgeous all weekend!
It’s Relaxing and Fun
MUCH more than toiling away in your bathroom. Sit back in a chair, sip on something bubbly, chat with our stylists, laugh with your friends and relax as we take care of you.
It Won’t Take All Day
At Caliber, we’ll NEVER rush you or your service. Ever. We take our time to make you stun, and to let you enjoy a little all-eyes-on-you time. But if you’re on your way to an event, a get-together, you-name-it … tell us! Depending on your hair and style, we can get you styled, stunning and on your way in about 45 min to an hour.
It’s Totally Affordable
A Caliber BloBar service starts at $40.

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