Runway Hair Trends For Real Life

Caliber wrapped up NYFW a few weeks ago and the runways were ruled by the hottest styles of the season—styles we were lucky enough to see first hand and help craft backstage.

The runway represents the forefront of the fashion industry—talented designers, imagination, and artful clothing and ideas. What did we see for 2020 spring and summer trends? The upcoming year is going to be full of style we’ve seen in the past at one time or another—neon colors, pearls, hair gel, pastels and, of course, bedazzled everything. 

Not all styles work for everyone—some are fans of shiny accessories while others go for styles on the opposite end of the spectrum. Although some of your favorite runway trends are inspiring, they can be difficult to picture out on the street in everyday life.

Would you rock the white eyeliner on a workday? Or how about a gel-sculpted hairstyle on a Friday night? Translating runway looks to real life might feel intimidating, but there are plenty of ways to rock some of the latest trends every single day. 

Let your confidence shine and boldly rock the styles you want to give a go.

The Hottest 2019 NYFW Hairstyles

What makes the new season and the end of NYFW so thrilling is finding which trends you’re eager to adopt and add a personal touch to them.

The runway saw some bold, fun, and accessorized styles this year. Crafting many of the hottest dos backstage at NYFW was a dream, and getting back into the salon and giving them a street-style try has been equally as exciting.

So here they are, NYFW’s hottest hairstyles perfect for your next event, festival, night out, or mid-week workday. 


Think accessories only have a place on festival weekends? Think again. The NYFW runways were full of flowers, beads, feathers, hair scarves, clips, you name it. Accessories are the perfect add-on to any existing hairstyle. Long, short, ponytail, bun, braid, or any other can always be amplified and spiced up with something extra. 

Try This Trend: We love this trend because you can go as over the top or as simple as you want with your accessories. Clip in a shimmery or bold-colored barrette to go along with your half-up half-down daily style. Or place a flower in your top knot. The accessory opportunities are endless. This season, there’s no such thing as going overboard. 

Embracing Natural Hair

Natural is back, and we couldn’t be happier.  Not only is embracing your natural texture beautiful and empowering, but it’s so healthy for your hair. No chemicals, heat, or unnatural products—it’s all about rocking what you’ve got and discovering new ways to love your straight-from-the-shower hair. 

Try This Trend: Wear what you’ve got and embrace the true texture and pattern of your hair. Whether you were born with wild curls or sleek, straight locks, rock them with confidence. Natural isn’t artless, this style sets what you’ve got apart from what everyone else’s hair does by nature.

Dual Texture

Why stick to one style when you can show off two? Dual textures in a single hairstyle were seen walking across the stage quite a few times this year. Whether it be the 80s crimped hair that made a comeback combined with a slicked-back crown or a simple version of wavy and straight, the dual texture style is a fun one to play with.

Try This Trend: Leaving the crown of your head with straight or natural hair, use a hot-style crimper or a curling iron to add texture to the other half of your hair. Keep it down or pull it back, either way, this look is the perfect street style.

Back To The 80s: Side Ponies and Deep Parts

There’s never truly a new trend, but rather styles that appear and reappear time and time again. Here’s a perfect example: side ponies and deep side parts.

The 80s are making a comeback with this 2020 style. If you’re not a middle part kind of girl, a low side part is the way to go. And it creates a prim and proper sort of look, strut a mature look up front. NYFW models walked the runway with deep side parts combined with pinned back hair on one side. 

Try This Trend: Create a deep part in line with the middle of one of your eyebrows and scoop the hair over. Then comb back the parted side and pin it in place, keeping the hair slicked back and one side making a statement in front.

Braided Styles

Has there been a NYFW that didn’t involve some sort of braided hair trend? Braids have been a universal style for centuries, and there are endless options when it comes to braiding—the creativity is endless. Because braids have been in style for so long, stylists have found incredibly creative new spins on the classic braid. If you usually stick to one type of braid, use this season to branch out.

This style was one of our favorites this year. These braids are seen from the front, the back, and all sides. And a few added accessories give it even more of a pop.

Try This Trend: Part your hair down the middle and Dutch braid each side from the front, along the side of your head towards your ear, and then toward the back of your head. Then twist up the ends of the braids and pin them in a bun or updo style in the back.

“Euphoria” Jewels and Neon Colors

Bling, bling! Along with 2020 makeup trends, the hair is getting some shiny love as well. Pearls, pendants, jewels, and bright colors are making their way into the new year. Whether pairing this look with something shiny itself or making it a statement piece to a routine outfit, this euphoria trend is sure to bring the energy to your look.

Try This Trend: Although gluing jewels to your hair is an option (a really great one), it might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to everyday style. Feel free to leave the jewel gluing for festival weekends and special events, and try recreating this look with jeweled hairpieces. Pull your hair back on one side and pin it in place with something shiny.

Sleek Ponies

Sophistication is practically synonymous with the slicked back pony. There were numerous models rocking the brushed back and tied high ponytails on the runway this season. Hair was tightly pulled, slicked and wrapped with something cute—and never messy.

Try This Trend: This is a simple yet elegant look to recreate for any day, event, or style. Brush back your hair into a tight mid- to high-level pony at the back of your head and secure it with an elastic band. Then add something fun—a scrunchie or something sparkly. Or in this case, we wrapped a strand of hair from the ponytail around the elastic band and secured it with a clip.

Own Your Style

There you have it, the hottest hairstyles of the season. Any of the NYFW styles we love can easily be transformed into everyday looks. No matter which trend you experiment with wear it with confidence and own your style.