Our Favorite Skin and Hair Care Products for Spring

Spring has almost sprung! With a clean slate of a season and everyday sunshine on the horizon, you should have a fresh start too. We want you to have the best (and healthiest) hair and skin this spring!

What Winter Will Do To Your Hair & Skin

We sure had a dry and brutal winter this year, and the season certainly took its toll on the livelihood of our hair and skin. 

During cold and dry winter months, the scalp is more prone to dehydration from cold, outside weather and from dry, indoor heat. A dehydrated scalp can cause dryness, itchiness, and brittle hair, a no-no for hair happiness. 

The same goes for the skin. Cold temperatures and low humidity will pull the hydration right out of your skin, meaning a dry face and dull skin come along with it. 

With the sunshine making its way into these next few weeks and the weather changing from puffy coat to spring style, it’s just the right time to say goodbye to dry skin and brittle hair and hello to a whole new season of freshness!

How You Can Freshen Up For Spring

Freshen up your hair, hydrate your skin! Here are 8 of our favorite ways to freshen up your hair and skin for springtime.

1. RE:UNITE™ Treatment

Looking to quickly (and dramatically) transform your winter-damaged hair into something smooth, healthy, and beautiful? RE:UNITE™ Treatment is the only way to go! This cleansing and conditioning treatment is rich in Crodosone Cystine, Keracyn, and Cetyl and Cetearyl Alcohol, meaning it works wonders to: 

  • Repair your hair’s cuticle damage
  • Strengthen hair with antioxidants
  • Bring out natural shine and brightness
  • Soften and condition every strand

How To Use: Apply RE:UNITE™ Treatment to wet hair from root to end. Leave in for 5 -15 minutes and then rinse cleanse. You’ll see the shine, feel the hydration, and fall in love with your head of hair again!

Hair and skin care for spring

2. For the Blondies: Unite Blonda Oil

Blondies unite! It’s no question that as a blonde you struggle with hydration, and regular, heavy oils are out of the question. But BLONDA™ Oil to the rescue!

While protecting against heat and UV damage, this light yet hydrating oil is perfectly formulated just for blondes and will shine, seal, and protect hair from root to end without weighing it down. 

How To Use: You can apply BLONDA™ Oil on damp or dry hair! Apply to dry hair to reduce frizz and hydrate dry ends. For damp hair, apply the oil before using any type of heat tool. Go blondes, go!

Hair and skin care for spring

3. Glo Skin Beauty Eye Restore Cream

Puffiness, dark circles, and dehydrated skin–no more! Glo Skin Beauty’s Eye Restore formula is one of our favorite antioxidant-rich eye creams. While strengthening skin with peptides and hydrating delicate tissue with nourishing vitamins, this cream revives and protects the under eye from future damage.

How To Use: Use the Glo Skin Beauty Eye Restore to revive your skin just in time for spring. Gently tap a rice-sized amount of cream, day or night, around the eye until fully absorbed. And then, voila–glowing, hydrated eyes!

Hair and skin care for spring

4. Schedule a Trim With Your Stylist

Leave your split ends in the winter season! If your hair hasn’t been trimmed in a while, the ends will begin to split as your hair becomes dry and damaged. It happens to us all, but it’s important to stay on top of a hair-care routine and snip off the damage every 2 months.

Schedule an appointment with your stylist soon and get your ends looking their very best. 

5. Glo Skin Beauty Conditioning Milk Cleanser

Wash away skin impurities with Glo Skin Beauty’s Conditioning Milk Cleanser. This light, cleansing face wash soothes dry sky and keeps it hydrated, preventing future dryness and flakiness. 

Made mainly with water and skin-strengthening ingredients, it’ll nourish and condition your skin to feel supple, soft, and balanced.

How To Use: Dampened face and hands. Apply a small amount into wet hands and massage onto face in circular motions for 1 minute. Then, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use in the morning and at night daily for best results.

Hair and skin care for spring

6. Glo Skin Beauty Oil Free SPF 40+

Sun protection = yes. Oil-filled sunscreen = no! As one of the most damaging things we encounter regularly, protecting the skin (especially the face) is so very important, especially as the warm weather approaches. 

Glo Skin Beauty’s Oil Free SPF 40+ hydrating serum is sunshine-approved. This oil-free hydration will leave your skin feeling nourished and fortified while keeping harmful UV rays off, all without clogging pores. 

How To Use: Apply this oil-free sunscreen to your face daily, always avoiding contact with the eyes. And don’t forget to reapply every 2-3 hours to maintain protection and keep the skin looking young and beautiful. 

Hair and skin care for spring

7. Touch Up Your Roots

How long has it been since your last root touch-up? Did the busy winter season leave little time to get in to see your stylist? It’s time to pay attention to your hair’s growth and give it the perfect look, root and all!

Schedule an appointment with your stylist soon and get your roots looking their very best. 

8. Glo Skin Beauty Daily Power C

With a high dose of Vitamin C and a powerful push of antioxidants, Glo Skin Beauty’s Daily Power C serum will transform your skin’s clarity right before your eyes. And it’s great for all skin types! So even if you have sensitive or oily skin, this daily product will still strengthen and brighten things up for spring.

How To Use: Apply 4-6 drops of Daily Power C to your skin after cleansing and toning. Allow the serum to absorb fully, and then follow up with your favorite daily moisturizer.

Hair and skin care for spring

Get Freshened Up Here at Caliber

We have the products and the experts here at Caliber to get you freshened up for spring! Each of these Glo Skin Beauty and Unite Hair favorites can be purchased in the studio. And our expert stylists are sure to get your roots touched-up and your ends feeling great.

Schedule a color or a trim with a Caliber Stylist today: 775.499.8296.