Finally! It’s that time of year, get out your paint brushes and the photos you’ve saved on Pinterest, It’s time to transform into the vixen villains, the whimsical mermaids and ethereal goddesses we’ve been waiting for months to become. We’ve put together our favorite Halloween hair and makeup ideas from around the net, and they’re all totally doable. Happy Halloween!


Modern art piece - Holloween makeup ideas

Photo by Alexander Smirnov

Brush strokes. Seriously, that’s it, choose your palette and become everyone’s favorite modern art piece.

Classic wild cat make up

If you needed an excuse to finally try dramatic cat eyes, this is it. Going with a classic wild cat gives you freedom to go bolder with your hair and makeup.

Galactic beauty look

Art originally by @Qinniart

This galactic beauty look is taking over the internet, and it’s perfect for a cosmic costume. Pair it with a complementary pastel shade and glittery stars in your hair, and you’re a breathtaking constellation.

Mermaid looks - Holloween makeup ideas

Mermaid eye makeup

photo by Lime Crime

There are SO MANY mermaid looks out there. But we prefer this classic color palette for a sexier mermaiden

Spiderwoman eye makeupBatman Look - eye makeup

You can never go wrong as a super vixen.

Cotton candy - Holloween hair ideas

Cotton candy hair, need we say more?


Doe costume make up

The hair, the makeup… this does costume is absolutely perfect.



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