The group will be all together. Some live in town, some drove in, and the overachievers took to the sky to make it here for the special celebration. So, now that everyone is scheduled to be together, what will you do in all the time surrounding the actual wedding?



Bridal Party Ideas in Reno


First off, you want to be in a place where you can do something together. You want to have a cocktail, kick back, have rich conversation, laugh and get reacquainted. For this, we suggest visiting our Reno Blobar. Schedule a time for the girls to all come down to Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio to experience pampering. Quite the event itself, your time with your girls at Caliber will make for the perfect destination before you head out for a group dinner or night on the town.


Get all of your hair and makeup done so you all look stunning and turn heads. We’ll be excited to take care of your group and make sure all eyes are on you (when you’re in the salon and after you leave).


The big day is coming up. The wedding is planned, the photographer is selected, the food is arranged. Now there’s only one thing left to do: narrow down those bridal party ideas in Reno and get into Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio for an appointment where all your girls can get done-up together.


Call today to schedule an appointment with your group.775.284.8620. Also, click here to research our options for wedding hair and makeup on the big day itself: Caliber’s full list of bridal services in Reno.