This is all we wanted to see this coming spring 2017. Caliber presents all the shamelessly stylish men and the amazing haircuts they’re rocking this season. Right here. You’re welcome.

The List: Spring 2017 Haircut Styles For Men


The Fringe

Popular styles:

  • Fringe with high fade
  • Angular fringe

How to style: Pull hair forward for desired fringe. Maintain the sides with a fade, undercut or taper work best.










The Fade

Fade hairstyle for men

Popular styles:

  • Mid fade with comb over
  • High skin fade, spiky hair

How to style: The fade gradually shorten from top to bottom. This haircut is created with clippers and serves as the foundation for many other styles on this list. Ask your stylist whether a low, mid, or high fade is best for your face shape and hair type.






The Slick Back

Popular styles:

  • Textured slick back
  • High skin fade with slick back

How To Style: Dampen the hair with a spray bottle, or style right out of the shower. Grab some pomade and work it through your hair, always work front to back. Run fingers through your hair (or comb it back, depending on the look you’re going for), then blow dry on low.







The Quiff

Popular styles:

  • Classic Quiff, short sides
  • Messy Quiff, tapered sides

How to style: Because a classic quiff is styled with some height and volume, you’ll need at least 3-5 inches of hair to work with. Apply styling product, and run your fingers upward to achieve height and texture. Blow dry on low while pull the hair up and back.










Brushed Up

Popular styles:

  • Brushed back, high fade
  • Bedhead brush up, high fade, (typically seen with a beard)

How To Style: Unlike the slicked back look, the brush up is aiming for volume and texture by brushing the hair brushed straight up.  







The Faux Hawk

Popular styles:

  • Faux hawk and high burst fade
  • Spiked or slicked back faux hawk with undercut

How To Style: At least two inches of hair is needed to achieve this look. With damp hair, use styling product to create a textured look. Then spike or brush hair upwards. Push the hair toward the center of your head to create the desired mohawk shape.




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