At Caliber we do things a little differently. A little more completely. Before we even get our hands on your hair.

Welcome to Caliber’s exclusive Consultation Process, where your brand new look begins.

Our stylists are trained to take all your unique attributes into consideration. Your physical features, certainly. But also your personality—the things that make you you.

We listen to your ideas. We hear your desires. Then we turn our trained eyes on ALL the angles so we can suggest a personalized style that flatters your features the most.

Like your favorite outfit, we want your hairstyle to do more than just fit. We want you to feel confident and amazing in your own hair.

It’s how we help you have the hair and makeup you dream of, and create a stunning new look to give you that certainty, courage and spirit to get where you’re going. and all-eyes-on-you service unlike anything you’ll experience in a Reno hair salon … or anywhere else.

Because It’s Your Style. It’s You. #Recalibrated.