It’s cold and dry outside, and our hair is upset about it. But did you know the cold air is only part of the problem? The combination of wintery air outside and having our heaters cranked inside is disrupting the natural oil in our hair. Changing from hot to cold, on top of our regular heat styling routines, dulls our once shiny locks and can make them dry and brittle. 


At Caliber, unkempt brittle hair just won’t fly. But don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you without some good news, too. We’re sharing our ultimate product and maintenance secrets to keeping your hair healthy, shiny and runway ready — or office ready — during the winter.


Don’t Over Do It With the Shampoo

Washing your hair too often can strip the hair of natural oils, making it more dry and frizzy. Opt for cleansing once every few days, or every other day if you hit the gym a lot. When it’s time to cleanse and condition, we suggest Unite’s U Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner. These blends are designed for all hair types and include crushed pearl, Hawaiian White Honey and Pure Argan Oil for an ultra-healing experience.


Choose Products Wisely

Not all winter hair is created equal, so if you’re looking for something a little more specialized than the Unite U Luxurious hair care products, look no further than Unite LAZER Straight and BOOSTA products. The LAZER Straight products tame even the feistiest frizz while giving your hair a weightless shine, never greasy-looking. BOOSTA products deeply moisturize your hair and build body while feeling totally weightless. They’re amazing. 


Wear Your Hats Without Worry

Hats can be a total volume killer during the winter. While we wear them outside to keep warm, once we take them off inside our hair is hopelessly flat. Beat the flat hair and cleanse with Unite’s VOLUMIZING Shampoo and Conditioner. You can also style with ELEVATE Mousse. If you want to keep those curls intact, opt for BOING Curling Cream. This cream makes loose and tight curls soft and silky. 


Be Smart About Heat Styling

We would never ask you to stop heat styling, but we demand you do it right. During the winter, your hair needs a little extra help to keep up with constant styling. Unite’s Weekender Shampoo deep cleans your hair without stripping your hair of natural oils. You should only use it once a week, but it’s a complete hair saver after a week of heat styling and wintering. Before styling, protect your locks with Unite’s BOOSTA spray. This stuff is gold. It builds body without that bulky look. Plus it protects your hair from UV rays — yes, you still need protection from the sun during winter.


Moisturize Your Mane

Winter dehydrates our hair, so it’s important to deeply moisturize once a week. Unite’s 7Seconds Masque brings life back to your hair by locking in moisture, protecting it against environmental damage and strengthening it. For general cleansing and conditioning, we suggest Unite U Luxurious hair care products. This nourishing line is excellent for all hair types, styles and lengths. 


Schedule Those Regular Trims

Between scratchy hats and scarves and frigid weather, your hair goes through a lot during the winter. Keep the fly-aways and split ends under control with regular trims.
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