Getting your hair cut, colored and styled is special—it lays the foundation for how you’re going to look and how you’re going to feel in the near future. Most importantly, your hair is personal, and no matter how you style it, you deserve to have the knowledge to rock at-home styling and flaunt luxurious hair like the glam god(dess) you are.

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Some of the products we love!


UNITE Professional Hair Products


In order to consistently give you an authentic, stunning look, we use the absolute BEST styling products on the market: UNITE Professional Hair Products. Unite has been a leader in the professional hair stylining industry for over a decade, and their insight and influence on proper hair care and styling is amazing. (No wonder we skip off to their conferences so often!) Check out these tutorials and product ed. videos directly from UNITE. When you’re looking for major curls  or sleek and sexy locks, get UNITE’s essential tips below.

Achieve “Lazer Straight” Perfection: 6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Hair Washing Experience

LAZER Straight™ Step-by-Step


The Ultimate BOOSTA experience: The 6 Essential Tips

BOOSTA™ Step-By-Step

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