Makeup Artist … At Caliber, we take those words to heart. Art is beautiful. Original. Moving. Personal.

You should be, too.

That’s why the person you trust to stylize your face should be an artist. Someone who reads your skin and your unique features as elements on a three-dimensional canvas. All to interact with and be accentuated by light, color, texture, mood.

At Caliber, we consider everything. It’s part of our unique consultation process.

We’re not just naturals. We’re also educated. We’re professionally trained. Certified. And we keep that process ongoing.

We know classic makeup styles. But we always stay in the now. Current makeup trends. Bridal makeup looks. From the latest styles to the finest products, if it’s hot, we make you look blazing

And we don’t just do this for work. In fact, If we didn’t spend so much time thinking about fashion, style, products, makeup … transforming friends (and ourselves) into artistic canvases … being what we’re passionate about … then we wouldn’t be doing this.

It’s what makes us Caliber. And it’s what makes us the Reno makeup artist you’ve been searching for.

Bridal Makeup in Reno? Fashion makeup in Reno? Whatever you’re dreaming, it’s here. At Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio in Reno.