Hot hot Hair trends 2017

New Year, new look? Always. Here’s the top hairstyles of the year — take the plunge!

Eye length fringe

Fringe and layers that dust the eye line are back with a bang, literally. Don’t be shy, give those bangs some lovely layers! This is a great way to update your look without too much risk. Plus, longer fringe bangs are versatile enough to sweep back with a pin when you aren’t feeling them. There are so many possibilities with fringe, whether you want to rock the shorter bangs or opt the long and layered type. What really matters is how they’re cut. 

How to ask your stylist Cut dry with straight scissors instead of thinning shears. If you have major curls, thinning shears only cause more frizz. You can also ask for piecey bangs if you’re going for a longer look.

Eye length fringes

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shaggy choppy bangs

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Au’ natural textures We’re heading back to basics with natural textures this year. No longer fear the frizz or super curls. This is great new for the low maintenance types, but also to those who need a break from heat styling habits. Talk to your stylist about which cuts best accentuate your natural texture. Also let them know what products you use, your stylist might be able to guide you toward something that works better for the natural look.

natural curls

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Wavy bob cut

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Mid Length Lobs OK, we know this isn’t the first time you’ve seen the lob, but we promise this year’s just different enough to stun. With more face framing layers and opportunity for stand-out color, this the ultimate year for the lob.  

How to ask your stylist: A cut that ends at the collarbone, layer only to remove weight

Textured bob cut

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A square shaped cut just below the collarbone, with textured bangs

Square shaped cut with textured bangs

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Shags We’re all about cuts that style themselves, and shags are no exception. With its versatility and strength, all face shapes and hair textures are welcome. The trick: ask your stylist to use a razor for softer layer around the face. This cool girl do is here to stay for 2017.


How to ask your stylist Long shag with face framing layers, tapered at the end.

Long shag with face framing layers

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boy cut shag

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Bold, Blunt Bobs We are smiling so hard about this one. Amp up the classic of the 20’s  with a dramtic color, or try a graphic detail, like a buzz or undercut for a look that blends feminine and edgy.

How to ask your stylist Bangs above the eyebrow and bob cut to the lips with it slightly longer at the front and blended. 

Blunt bob haircut

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Blunt bob with bangs

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A soft, textured bob that hits below the chin. Scissors only for this one.

Soft bob cut

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